Why an Agile transformation?

The world we live in today is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Traditional” organisations are reaching their limits in their ability to manage this complexity. A paradigm shift is needed to “stay in the game”.

Bringing an organisation as a whole to be Agile implies working over the long term on several dimensions: human, managerial, product, cultural, technological, etc. An Agile transformation is broader and more encompassing than launching several products or projects in Agile mode.

An Agile transformation is not an end in itself, but a means to accomplish an intention, a clearly defined vision.

What do we bring?

Our convictions: We believe that it is possible to live new forms of organisation that allow the emancipation of each and everyone. We apply to ourselves, as individuals and organisations, the principles we seek to disseminate and experiment with new ways of being and functioning.

Our expertise: Agile transformations often focus mainly on process changes, forgetting about the individuals who are going to have to change. Agile Coaches and Personal Development Coaches, we are experts in agile frameworks and methods and in coaching individuals who are going through transformation. In this way, we support individuals and organisations to become more Agile and efficient, and carefully cultivate the development of each individual towards his or her full potential.

Our experience: We have accompanied many companies in various sectors to initiate and implement their Agile transformation. Our experience and convictions show us that transforming an organisation is too complex to approach it with a plan, however comprehensive it may be. We strive to bring what is most relevant, useful and meaningful to the organisation and its individuals at all times, rather than “standardised” processes. And we do this by including you in every step.

Audit and evaluation

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Implementation of Agile frames

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Scrum Masters

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Individual and team coaching

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